Souenigma|SOW ENIGM@ × Hanshin Tigers ©︎ Capsule collection “FIERCE TIGER SQUAD” 2nd edition

SOW ENiGM@ × Hanshin Tigers©︎ Capsule Collection
Concept theme “FIERCE TIGER SQUAD”
We are pleased to announce the launch of the SOW ENiGM@ × Hanshin Tigers ©︎ collaboration project FIERCE TIGER SQUAD.
This capsule collection is a collection that mixes the passionate spirit of the Hanshin Tigers that I personally feel with the worldview of SOW ENiGM@.
With the hope that SOW ENiGM@ can become a piece of the passion of the Hanshin Tigers and their fans, we have created a strong theme and named it ``FIERCE TIGER SQUAD''.
We put our best foot forward in designing it with the image of players, fans, and many other people wearing it.
Give the wearer the power of a fierce tiger. Fierce Tiger Squadron. Wear yourself with love.
SOW ENiGM@ So Inoue
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