Souenigma|SOW ENIGM@ First landing at Hiroshima Parco! POP UP STORE Sou Enigma | PARCO

ソウエニグマ|SOW ENIGM@  広島パルコ 初上陸!POP UP STORE ソウ エニグマ |  PARCO
[SOW ENiGM@ / SOW ENIGMA ®︎ will be landing at Hiroshima Parco for the first time from 3/25 to 4/5]
This time, SOW ENiGM@, which will be landing in Hiroshima for the first time, will also be selling limited TEE 1,000 yen (excluding tax) for customers who visit the store! ! Many products that can only be seen at pop-ups will be displayed in stores. Hurry to Hiroshima Parco 4F event space SOW ENiGM@! ! ]
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[SOW ENiGM@ / SOW Enigma ®︎]
SHROUDED IN LOVE / Wear yourself in love. A wide range of designs that incorporate a mix of Japanese and Western styles, while focusing on street taste.
An apparel brand that focuses on creating high-quality products and proposes a high-quality lifestyle.
SOW ENiGM@ is a coined word, and SOW is the designer's name. ENiGM@ / Enigma comes from the typewriter type cipher machine ENIGMA.
To make the lifestyle of the person who wears it more enjoyable. Based on the designer's thoughts, the A and I of ENIGMA are changed to @ and i, and these two letters are read separately and are written as ENiGM@, which means @i = love.
An imaginary cryptographic machine imagined by a designer that amplifies people's joyful moments.
Creating things with love.
That is the origin of SOW ENiGM@|SOW ENIGMA®︎.
model: Fumiya, Kengo, Dhrma, Moeno, Naho, Erina,
creative director : Sow Inoue
CEO: Yukako Higuchi
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