Souenigma | SOW ENiGM@ Hiroshima Parco store opening commemoration! ! Limited to 100 serial number T-shirts! !

SOW ENiGM@ Hiroshima Parco store opening commemoration! !
There are no two identical products in this world.Limited to 100 serial number T-shirts! !
SOW ENiGM@ Hiroshima PARCO store special price! !
Regular price: ¥8,000+tax Products are only available at Hiroshima Parco store for ¥5,000+tax! !
【Description of item】
5.6oz soft and sturdy fabric. Silk screen printing on the front
A Japanese-made T-shirt with a serial number embroidered on the back.
The serial number is assigned to each item, making it a unique product with no two identical pieces in the world.
[Design concept]
SOW ENiGM@ Newly written by the designer
Inspired by Hiroshima's Itsukushima Shrine, three celestial maidens dance in the sky, and the autumn leaves turn red, vividly attracting the attention of viewers.
The design features a white crow and a divine messenger deer, following the legend of the construction of Itsukushima Shrine, ``The Legend of the Divine Crow.''
The concept is an update of the Hiroshima legend for modern times.
[Hiroshima PARCO store limited price] For customers who purchase at Hiroshima PARCO store, we will sell it at a special price of ¥5,000 + tax. SOW ENiGM@ Purchase at online shop ¥8,000+tax
■Product number: ESS0104
■Material: 100% cotton
■Country of manufacture: Japan
[S] Length: 61cm, Width: 49cm, Shoulder width: 42cm, Sleeve length: 19cm
[M] Length: 65cm, Width: 52cm, Shoulder width: 46cm, Sleeve length: 20cm
[L] Length: 69cm, Width: 55cm, Shoulder width: 50cm, Sleeve length: 22cm
[XL] Length: 73cm, Width: 59cm, Shoulder width: 54cm, Sleeve length: 24cm
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